New Hope Girls Academy is committed to providing hope for girls; the most vulnerable sub culture living in poverty.  When given access to quality education, health care and a support system that introduces them to the love of Christ, the trajectory of her life can be forever changed.  But what about the mothers who have been caught in the cycle? Nueva Esperanza- New Hope Girls, Inc. wanted to enable them to step out and break the chain of poverty with a sustainable response in order to expedite the process of ending this cycle, so the New Hope Creations Workshop was born. 

  • The Dominican Republic ranks 4th in the world in sex tourism
  • More than 25,000 children under the age of 18 are involved in prostitution in the D.R.
  • The number one reason for a women to prostitute herself is to feed her family
  • Women and teens are lured with promises of jobs, then sold into sexual slavery to other countries

In November of 2011, New Hope started the Women’s Workshop to provide vulnerable mothers in our barrio a way to earn money with their families and dignity in tact! Our hope is that moms with stable income will be more likely to keep and care for their children and less likely to sell their bodies in an effort to feed them.  

The workshop provides more than opportunity to earn money; it has become a safe haven and family for our ladies as well. The time spent at the workshop allows the women to gather together in a fun, relaxing and safe environment where they are also provided with opportunities to receive discipleship and training.