Meet Rosa

Training and Quality Control

Training and Quality Control

Rosa has been an integral part of the workshop and has been working with New Hope Creations since the very beginning. Our sandals were the first products to ever be sent out from the hands of the first ladies that began working from her home in the barrio. 

Soon, sandals turned into purses and then clutches and now New Hope Creations has evolved into several different product lines. We currently have 7 workers who have all been through extensive training and are now engaging in fellowship and discipleship with one another on a daily basis.

Rosa continues to dream about where the workshop is going and trusts in God's timing as He has grown New Hope Creations in significant ways over the years. She is believing Him for more machines, more women, and more product that will continue to leave their hands blessed and readied for all those who are willing to invest in their lives and work in such a beautiful, practical and truly miraculous way. 

Meet Wanda

Operations and Discipleship

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