Our story is bigger than the name we go by. It’s bigger than our home and workshop and even every life that has walked through our doors. We live in this tension. In a place where deep pain is met by true promise. We live on the front lines. As advocates, ambassadors, counselors, mothers. We exist for them. For the girls. The women. The ones that were first labeled as a statistic but now we live alongside them. We’re with them in their healing. We are determined to see them overcome every wound. Stepping into the trenches, we become acquainted with their scars and every detail of their stories.

This is where we have chosen to live. Chosen to run. Chosen to fight. Chosen to reach out, extending ourselves for the sake of rescue, refuge and redemption. We are convinced of our purpose. We are driven by justice and overcome by the sense of urgency to see our girls through. To walk with them as they reclaim their true purpose, to celebrate with them in their journey of restoration, to teach them what it means to dream and live in the belief that their untouchable worth is meant to move mountains.

Creating a refuge of light and life for girls and women from dark, difficult places and restoring identity and purpose for the future.