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We love our
Brand Advocates

One of the greatest opportunities we have as New Hope Girls is equipping others to carry out our mission and share our message throughout the world. We believe that every woman and every girl has the ability to offer New Hope by sharing our product and story with their communities. Our Brand Advocate program is for those who not only believe in our mission but also have an entrepreneur mindset in life and would love to be part of our sales efforts.


Community Focused

Individuals passionate about connection and community are a perfect fit for our Brand Advocate program. It is our hope that by sharing the New Hope story with your community you will create a ripple effect that will encourage others to support our mission and purpose within their circles as well.

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Love for Storytelling

Sharing our mission, purpose and history is a key part of being an effective part of the team. As a New Hope Girls Brand Advocate, you are part of the family and learn to tell our story in a way that also reflects your own values and dreams as we partner in this mission together.


Social Media Savvy

This is the time to use your social media skills for a cause you believe in! Instagram and Facebook will be your best friends as you share New Hope Girls product and mission on your social media platforms and channels. Our hope is that you would help us build engagement on our Instagram platform as you begin sharing your Brand Advocate journey online.


Make Commission

You have the opportunity to make commission off of each sale you direct to the New Hope Girls shop. You’ll be equipped with your very own code to share with your community and we will track the orders you funnel in and give you your well deserved share!


How it Works

After filling out our form below, you will be emailed a detailed description of all the specifics involved for our New Hope Girls Brand Advocate. We will share with you the options you have within our Brand Advocate program and also give you a contract that outlines all of the terms and commitments involved. We are here to walk with you and support you as you take the steps necessary to partner with us. We can’t wait to meet you!


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