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every girl is one

New Hope Girls



You have a Voice

We have recognized as an organization that the more hands we have on deck, the more opportunities we have to grow and serve more girls and women. This is an invitation to become part of our team and serve New Hope Girls in a ways that utilize your existing talents and resources. If you resonate with our mission and have a heart to serve with us, we are sure there is an opportunity for you to do so. Fill out our connection form below and let us know how you would like to be part of our Campaigner Team.

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For the sake of Girls

As a New Hope Girls Campaigner, you are on the front lines and continually looking for opportunities to raise funds to meet the financial needs of our organization. When selling our bags, 100% of the proceeds you’ve raised will be funneled back into New Hope Girls. We also encourage fundraising ventures and events as well to raise direct funds.

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Use your Creativity

So many of our New Hope peeps have used their creative freedom to come up with fundraising parties, New Hope Girls bag events, and have learned to tell our story as their own. As a Campaigner, we want to collaborate with you in using your skills and sharing the story with your community in a way that also fulfills your gifts and purpose as well.

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Many ways to Serve

If you have resources, special access to subscriptions, or are determined to meet a practical need that you feel fits our organization, we’d love to hear about it! We have individuals that have volunteered their shipping access, accountant skills, building knowledge and everything in-between.



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