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We are so grateful for your continued partnership with us. Whether this will be your first time purchasing a veteran package or you’ve been placing orders for the last several months, welcome back! As a current vendor you have previously received a password to our Vendor page that gives you access to make your package purchase. Click the button below and you will be directed to the page.


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Our Current Vendors



A New Hope Woman is made for more as she creates bags that provide for her family and fuel the work of rescue refuge and restoration of Girls


A New Hope Girl comes from the darkest of places and receives the protection and healing she needs to become the woman that will change the world tomorrow


A New Hope Vendor sustains the jobs of vulnerable woman through their purchases and choose to partner in the invaluable work of rescuing girls.


A New Hope Bag is more than it’s material and ability to elevate your outfit, it has the power to provide for women and girls.


We are made to be more than consumers of beautiful things and are invited to join the New Hope Family in creating a beautiful world with every purchase.