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Host a Party

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Play the Host

Hosting a New Hope Girls party is an amazing way to share our product and story with your community. Whether you set up in your home, community center, church or any other space perfect for individuals to gather and shop, we’ll help provide the materials necessary to make it happen.

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Playing the host is made easy with our Party-in-a-box method that equips you with the marketing and storytelling materials necessary to share our mission with your friends and community. You can take purchases with a square card reader that we provide or direct your shoppers to our website where they can make direct purchases from our shop.

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Share our Story

One of the most important parts of throwing a New Hope Girls party is telling our story and sharing with your community how our bags are Made for more. We encourage you to become acquainted with our mission and we promise to help you communicate who we are and the impact of every purchase made.

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Get Creative

We encourage you to brainstorm your ideas of how you can make your New Hope Girls party beautiful and impactful. We’d love to hear your ideas and encourage you in your party-throwing endeavors! Let’s do this together.

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