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New Hope Girls Campaign


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You have a Voice

Leading a New Hope Girls Campaign allows for you to use your creative freedom and strengths in order to raise funds for the sake of our girls and women. We encourage you to use your passions and spearhead your efforts in a way that makes the most sense for you. Below are some suggestions as to how you can get started with your New Hope Girls campaign. We’re here to support you and are so grateful for your involvement!

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Birthday Campaign

Interested in using your birthday or any other upcoming holiday as a way to raise funds for New Hope Girls? Start a birthday campaign through your Facebook page or simply by directing others to our Donation page through sharing our links with your community!

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Host a Fundraiser

We’ve had individuals host fundraisers at their universities, schools, churches, and workplaces. Let us know the details of how you would like to execute your own and we will supply you with the materials necessary to make it happen!

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Host a Party

Whether you are interested in selling our product or simply want to share our mission in your home with your closest friends, we would love for you to host a party on behalf of New Hope Girls! Visit our Host a Party page for specific details on how to do so!

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