For the first time

We are so excited about the opportunity for you to join us in our New Hope Girls sales efforts! When you become a vendor for us you become part of the family. It’s just as important that we get to know you as you get to know us and step into our efforts by selling bags that are so much more than just material possessions. Our bags represent hope. They are the life behind fulfilling jobs, flourishing families and healing.

They represent our homes, our facilities, our dreams and our future. We have seen women begin to dream for the first time as they are able to provide for their families and grow not only as providers but warriors and advocates. Our bags give way to the impossible and have given opportunities and livelihood that most of our women never thought possible!

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Creating a refuge of light and life for girls and women from dark, difficult places and restoring identity and purpose for the future. We have both a safehouse for girls and workshop for women.

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Located in La Vega, Dominican Republic we employ and mentor women in order to see their families provided for while preserving their worth and dignity.

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We are dreaming of expansion, hiring more women and increasing our sales which provide the funds that allow us to rescue more girls. We will be faithful with what we have been given, believing there is more ahead.