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Our Heart for Prevention

Our first house in the barrio is a living testimony of all that God has done in and through New Hope.  Every wall and every item within has a miracle story. God breathed life and challenged us not to despise our small beginnings.  We learned to be faithful with the little we had in our hand and believed that more would come. We brought our first girls here, this was our first home. It is a place where we have seen some of the most significant transformation and we knew that when we moved we still needed our little mansion on the hill. Instead of removing our presence from the barrio, one of our women started a weekly outreach where dozens of girls from the streets below come and join in a time of teaching, discipleship and friendship. It is a space that we see as our arm of prevention, offering stability to the girls in the barrio as they navigate the difficulties of their upbringing and origin. They know they have a door to knock on, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and a safe place when they need it.

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Every Girl is One

We are called to girls no matter where they are at in their journey. Girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of creating a better future. But when a girl reaches adolescence, she comes to a crossroads. When given access to quality education, health care and a support system the trajectory of her life can be forever changed. By the age of ten, girls living in poverty have reached an age that the price of a bad choice is too high to make a mistake. Our heart is to offer support to the girls in the barrio through our outreach so that they can be encouraged in their worth and feel supported through the up’s and down’s they encounter.

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The Barrio

We began in a small barrio in the Dominican Republic and have truly never left. We continue to hold little hands giving them the support they need to grow and make choices that will preserve their worth and dignity. This is an opportunity to “roar” against the generations of bondage and sexual perversion. What was meant for dead, we are claiming as life—full of promise and Hope.

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Our Backbone

We could not do this work without one of our workshop leaders, Wanda. She grew up in the barrio, is raising a family there, and knows she is called to the livelihood of these girls who happen to be her neighbors as well. She gives every Saturday in addition to her full work week and provides mentorship and education for the girls in our outreach program. Her own children have also come alongside her to help her serve and use their hands for the practical needs that come with hosting close to 100 girls every Saturday.