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House of
Light and Hope

One of our greatest callings from the very beginning was to create a safe house where girls would arrive and immediately begin their own personal transformation story. We believe in providing family for these girls, the ones that have previously lived a life marked by danger, poverty, and vulnerability. Everyday we speak words and hope into their broken identities and walk with them as their true purpose and worth are restored. Most days, it’s an uphill battle as we fight for the truth to saturate their lives and offer them a new normal within our New Hope Girls family.

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The Transformation

The moment our girls walk through our doors they begin their journey of transformation. Our heart is to provide for each of them as our daughters, working to meet all their physical, emotional, spiritual and academic needs. We are determined to walk alongside and encourage them to listen to the still small voice of a very big God who has divine plans for their future. We are committed to loving them in every decision, weeping with them in their sadness and rejoicing with them in their gladness. We celebrate each and every milestone, breakthrough, healing and dream our girls step into. Every single one is a miracle!

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Our Home

‘La Casa De Luz y Esperanza’ a.k.a. The House of Light and Hope is where we take up residence. It is the home we prayed for since the very beginning when we were still in the barrio in a space with dirt floors and zero running water. We now live in a space where our girls are able to create, learn, grow and explore what it means to live in a place marked by security, trust and consistency.

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Our Beginnings

This is our first house we like to call our "‘Mansion on the Hill’. This is where we began. Donated by a local woman with six months of her salary, we knew we had to be faithful with this sacrificial gift of love. With dirt floors, zero running water, a walk up that was both treacherous and impossible to navigate in the rain. We loved it there. But we knew from the very start it was only temporary. It continues to serve as part of our story and is where our weekly outreach takes place in order to continue discipling and mentoring girls from the barrio we started in.

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Ways to Give

Monthly donors offer the financial stability that allow for us to pay our day to day expenses of “rice and beans”, trained caregivers, our facility and all the services we provide for our girls. If you are interested in helping fuel our daily efforts of providing rescue, refuge and restoration for our New Hope Girls follow the link below to learn how you can support us. We have opportunities for you to give monthly or one-time gifts.