The New Hope Creations workshop employs a team of women who work diligently and faithfully on our products. Our team is led by two women, Rosa and Wanda, who have truly stepped up to play a huge part in making the workshop what it is today.

Get to know them, pray for them and know they are praying for you. They have inspiring stories and big dreams for our workshop, and watching them co-lead our women is an amazing thing. Their hearts for the Lord guide their lives, families and work- what a beautiful testimony they are!

Training and Quality Control

The New Hope Creations workshop would not be where it is today without Rosa. She has been an integral part since the very beginning; the workshop's first location was in her home in the barrio. Our women began hand-sewing sandals, and, through her instruction, eventually learned to sew our bags. She is in charge of training, quality control and design. 

"I've been with the workshop since the beginning. In fact, it started in my house. We were faithful with what we had and who we had when we started. But God has grown all of that more than I imagined!

I am so grateful for the opportunities we have through the workshop. Our team enjoys working in such a beautiful, practical and truly miraculous way. 

I have faith in God's timing, as I have seen Him grow New Hope Creations in significant ways over the years. I have faith that He will bring more machines, more women to sew and more demand for our products."


Wanda is in charge of operations and discipleship in our workshop, and she constantly strives to ensure that our women have more than just a job- they have a family

"Before I began working with our workshop last April, I was struggling. My husband had lost his job and our lives were getting more difficult every single day. I reached out to Joy about working with New Hope as a teacher, and instead she offered me a position with the workshop. I told her no, but God changed my mind when I prayed about it. 

Since I started working with the workshop, I have seen the heavens open! I got married and am studying psychology to one day be the psychologist for the girls at New Hope. I lead discipleship for our sewers because the workshop was never meant to be just a workshop. We want the women to have a relationship with Jesus as well. We have seen healing, liberation and women dependent on God. 

I have BIG dreams for our workshop! My vision is that the workshop continues to grow. We want to grow so that more women are blessed through our workshop and more girls can be provided for."