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New Hope Girls

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Made for More.

We look at our girls and we see ourselves. As we enter in, their story becomes our story, their pain becomes our pain. We grab a hold and walk with them through the brokenness, working through each and every wound that overwhelms.  We watch as their lives are restored to the purpose and freedom they were always meant and created for.

Providing jobs for women and refuge for girls coming from the darkest of places.

Our workshop

Giving Hope through every bag.

We see our bags and all we see is love. We hold our bags and feel the weight of their story. Our story. Your story. Our bags restore, our bags provide, our bags give voice to the silenced and refuge to the broken. Our bags are New Hope bags. They provide for New Hope Girls and New Hope Women. They are the life behind fulfilling jobs and flourishing families. They represent our homes, our facilities, our dreams and our future. When you purchase from us you become part of the story. You are invited into the fight, the promise, the victory, the hope.

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The Hobo is our very first bag and paved the way for our workshop. It represents our humble beginnings and has earned its keep as a classic in our shop. We love the ability to change the strap length and believe that we have achieved the perfect mid-sized shape when it comes to wearing our Hobo on your shoulder or as a cross body. The pattern has woven its way into the framework of our designs and our women can truly make it with their eyes closed.


Our clutch has come to be a workshop favorite for more reasons than just its versatility and compact style on the go. The clutch allows for each and every scrap in our workshop to find a home as all the left behind pieces from larger bags are preserved and repurposed through the making of our clutches. It makes a great friend for each and every one of our full size bags but also stands by itself in purposeful design and function.


This one’s for all the busy students, the working girls, and all of you that carry the world on your shoulders. We set out to design a bag that would hold it all and that is just what our tote does. From laptops to textbooks and everything else in between, our tote will have you feeling like Mary Poppins with its unending capacity and sure-fire durability. Not to mention, our prints come alive on our bag with the largest surface-area to date.


We love our pouches for so many reasons. They push beyond age gaps and style preferences and have come to be one of our most versatile products to date. From art supplies to cosmetics you can use them for anything! Our pouches are great for catching all that seems to fall to the bottom of your bag and makes transitioning from one purse to another seamless. Start a collection as our fabrics are countless and you can never have enough pouches under one roof.

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we are new hope girls

A glimpse of
who we are.

We started in the barrio. With dirt floors and a treacherous walk up. We started where our girls lived. Above the streets that once named them. We were convinced that our small beginnings would be transformed little by little. Step by step. We walk in the belief that there is more for them. More for us. And even in our hardest days we are convinced of our purpose and resist any urge to ever give up. This is our story. Of beauty and chaos. Of tension and true delight. Of struggle and triumph. We are dreaming with them.  Dreaming for them. Dreaming the same dreams we dream for our own daughters, because they are ours and they are worth it.



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